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Default Undecided: Borla or Magnaflow

After crawling under my car yesterday, I've seen the time is about the come again. Yep, the time when my junk Dynomax superturbo muffler rusts apart. This will be the third one. I've had my fill with crappy mufflers, so I'm getting something stainless steel that will last many years to come.

I'm stuck between what I want to put on the car. I've looked at the Magnaflow and like the constuction of it, but there's one big thing that I'm not sure about. It's a straight through muffler. My car is basically stock except for a couple things, and I don't plan on going wild with mods on this car since it's a daily driver. I'm afraid a muffler like this will kill my low end power. It's not like I can afford to lose any more power since it's going on my already slow SOHC. Then there's the Bolra. I'm not sure whether it is straight through or not, can anyone clarify what the construction is? I like the looks of it and Borla has a reputation for good quality. The Borla is a little more costly, but the extra $30 or so more is not really an issue.

What do you all think would be the better choice muffler for me? I'd like to hear the opinions from you guys and gals who have either of these mufflers on your car. Also, if anyone audio/video clips of either of these mufflers please post them. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks


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