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Default Re: Saturn Prepares for Life Beyond General Motors

Originally Posted by frankski View Post
They should continue what they started, import Opels and put the Saturn badge on it. What's so hard with this? They are willing to kill a brand with loyal customers instead of importing Opel to the US.

I own an Astra so I'm already driving an Opel, I dont see the problem. Cost? Raise the price or use a plant in Mexico. Mexico Opels would be way better than crappy cars from China or India.

I have a better idea, Saturn and Opel should split from GM and sell their own cars. And beat GM at it.

The decision has been made, Buick has replaced Saturn as Opel's US partner. So as much as I like the idea of Saturn selling more Opel rebadged vehicles, its not gonna happen, end of story.


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