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Default Re: Saturn Prepares for Life Beyond General Motors

Originally Posted by MiSaturn View Post
So Jill, let's cut the crap. Give me a reason to support your company and I will. Let's not play on my loyalty to your past products to support your future success. If that makes me a bad Saturn owner, so be it.

Jill, you've been called out. Give me a reason to believe in Saturn and I will.
That is a given whether you say it nastily or nicely. Saturn under GM had already been shifting its place in the market to a more upscale line of models with higher prices. For this to succeed they would have had to draw many new customers. As anyone can see from the posts on this website over the past few years, the new approach was something that many of the old Saturn owners were not always happy about. The future of Saturn under GM was already more about the new vehicles than keeping the memories of Spring Hill alive. Whatever the future holds without GM will be even more so. Jill's business expertise is sales and marketing so I'm going to give her another pass and say that I suspect she is well aware of everything I just said and well knows they need to come up with attractive products at a good value regardless of who manufactures them in the future.


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