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Default Re: Saturn Prepares for Life Beyond General Motors

Originally Posted by MiSaturn View Post
Jill spoke to "how" I can help Saturn, but didn't answer the more important "why" I should help... .

I'm afraid, Jill, that you've gotten a pass way too many times from the Saturn faithful. Sure, many of us will still support the Saturn of old, but you really need to focus your energies on getting new suckers to buy your product (I'm guessing the old Saturn owners won't).

So Jill, let's cut the crap. Give me a reason to support your company and I will. Let's not play on my loyalty to your past products to support your future success. If that makes me a bad Saturn owner, so be it.

Jill, you've been called out. Give me a reason to believe in Saturn and I will.
Many of us have bad feelings about the "Fall of the Saturn Empire". It would be hard to fix blame on any one party, even Jill Lajdziak. GM is such a large company that there's too many people involved in their policy and decisions. Sometimes change can be next to impossible to make.

IMO nothing Jill Lajdziak could do would change where Saturn is today. Jill has done everything she could to keep the Saturn dream and experience alive.

Giving Saturn it's freedom to make decisions without the controlling influence of GM may be the best thing that ever happened to it. If they can sell a quality US made car again, they can do quite well in the car market.

We now need to wait and see what Saturn will do next.

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