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Default Re: P0727 & P1780 DTC's

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
DTC P1780 Park/Neutral Position [PNP] Switch Circuit

DTC P0727 Engine Speed Circuit No Signal

1780; The neutral safety switch prevents starting in D, R, and L. Only in Park or Neutral but if the switch becomes misaligned over the years you won't be able to start in unless you push the shifter forward while turning the key to START. Same in Neutral. If a manual then the clutch safety switch may be misaligned.

0727; This one I think is the crank position sensor. Can the starter crank all day until the battery dies w/o the engine firing? The second test is to remove the coil wires from #1 and #4 and crank the engine while observing for sparks jumping across the coils; no sparks = defective crank position sensor. It's located behind and above the starter.

my 2002 saturn vue awd v6 had that issue, but never came up with a cel code, it just simply ran untill it warmed up then cuts out, and i tried to start it, it wouldnt run untill it cool down. i tested this by usimg the ohm meter and water, since it was cutting out when warm. i had put the sensor in the water with the connector out of the water to test it, it should read some ohms, but when i warmed the water in the microwave and put the sensor back in and waited a minute, tested it and read nothing. bought a new one and ran great after that. this might help if no code is present.


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