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1999 SC1
Default First Saturn: 1999 SC1

Hello All,

This is the first Saturn that I've owned. Prior to this, I've had a 2005 Subaru STi and a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I bought this beauty for $500 off of one of my old coworkers. 1999 SC1, Gold, 130,xxx mi. when I bought it. Currently at 150,xxx mi.

When I first got it: the belt was screeching, the engine was misfiring terribly, it had bald tires, the front bumper was broken to hell and back, loose heat shielding underneath was causing a loud banging, it had a bad tensioner (causing even more banging sounds), bad outer tie rod ends, bad pcv, bad water pump... the list goes on and on. The car ran, but leaked oil, misfired, and rattled like crazy.

Since I've had her, I've: Replaced the intake and valve cover gaskets (and grommits and breather hoses), Water Pump, EGR valve and gasket, PCV valve (grommit and hose), tensioner, new tires, new front rotors, new front pads, new outer tie rod ends, new plugs, wires, air filter.

I've also bought touch up pant to fix some minor chips here and there, added 15% high grade 3M tint on all windows (1/4 stripe on windshield), new wheel covers, and a leather front bumper skin to cover the front damage to the front bumper. I replaced all of the door/deck speakers with Kicker 5 1/4 and 6 1/2 in speakers, Alpine head unit, and a Pyle 400 watt 10 in. bass tube. I also restored the front headlights and replaced them with high output bulbs.

This is for sure my favorite daily driver. I've very quickly fallen in love with this car. It does'nt look terrible, and it gets significantly better gas mileage than the Subie or Jeep. She runs pretty well now, decently smooth idle, no issues currently.

I would post a pic, but I need 15 posts! Pics to come!!

1999 SC1- 150,000 mi.
Running like a champ after a long series of repairs...


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