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Default Re: Report: Penske Likely to Buy Saturn

Im rather disappointed myself cause simply put, I HATE how Nissans drive.. I've never ever owned a car (proud Saturn Astra owner) that made me feel so secure so in control like my little two door Astra.. One time having rented a Nissan Altima and another time having test drove a Nissan Murano I nearly thought I was gonna lose control of the vehicle.. Any little jerk and I thought I was fishtailin (Im already traumatized cause I lost control of a vehicle once and flipped over four times)... Anyways I swear I get PTSD driving any Nissans... so if its true that our New Saturns are going to be rebadged Korean Samsung cars which they themselves are rebadged Nissans then unfort count me out of the equation... However, to not be selfish, I hope Penske's business model works well, New American jobs are created, and a strong following is established. I'm just going to do my own little mourning and hope somehow Opel/Magna can somehow bring their cars to America.

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