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Default Re: ***Penske deal could be 24hrs away***

Ugh, shoot me now. If I wanted a crapanese car, I'd buy uh, um, er, ah, hmph, well, I wouldn't. A kolean car? Hmm, maybe a Kia Soul, only because I like the commercial, the hamsters and the music. (BTW, one of 'ems Fort Knox by Goldfish). A eurotrash car? A classic Veedub Ghia or Jetta.

I can't see a crapanese Saturn. Not from Mitsubull*****, or N!psan. It just wouldn't be a Saturn.

It's bad enough my little SL2 passed her smog today on the 3rd try. (Damn broke ***** state of CA and nitpicking on anything 95 or older). Now our Satty's are going to be sold to the enemy?

Please save us, Mr. Penske. If Rick Hendrick was smart, he'd drop all of the foreign brands he sells and stick with what keeps him in NASCAR- a Genuine GM product in Saturn.

I love my proudly built in Spring Hill Saturn. Tomorrow's her 14th birthday and every year she just keeps chugging along strong. (She just isn't into being raped by those emission probes).

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