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2007 ION-2 Quad Coupe
Default Re: Missing Sway Bar

Originally Posted by WrightMan View Post
I thought they all came with atleast something but I think this car really needs one if for any other reason to put less stress on the front sway bar which could be partly why those keep breaking. Based on what I have read about the 04 having a different rear bar set up then later models it looks like this is the only bar that will fit and the holes all will have to be drilled out. The installation instructions does have pictures showing how to install it but the fitment shows it would also fit Ion's up to 2007 which I thought were different. I just can't stand the fact that this little car has so much more body roll then my Crown Vic which weighs over 1,000 lbs more or our Escape which is a compact AWD SUV. My next step after this bar will be to replace the shocks and struts with some new KYB ones which looks like a fan favorite.
I would highly recommend replacing your shocks and struts first. The stiffest you can get are the OEM FE5 struts & shocks used on the Cobalt SS/TC. KYBs are good too, but they are not as firm.

I wouldn't mess with adding a rear sway bar unless I had a specific reason to justify it such as auto cross racing. That front sway bar link could have broken from the previous owner hitting something. I doubt not having a rear sway bar was a contributing factor.

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