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1993 SW2
Default Re: 1993 SW2 with new AUDI LED look

Fetchitfido said,
" "Normally" people take the passenger side wiper off. They don't break off the driver side one & rearagne the passenger side. Looks like you broke off the driver side instead of undoing the nut that holds it on.

LED's look good enough at nice, look kinda stupid when you turn 'em on during the day with how far apart the LEDs are from each other.

Teal car, probably a tan interior & you painted the dash red. Long as the one who has to look at that clash of colors all the time likes it... lol "

If I wanted to be normal, I would have 2 wipers on. I saw this look on a 3 series in the Speed GT division. Also I did not break anything on my car. I have every stock piece that I took of it and replaced with new. The nut is still on the driver's side, my friend put one of those antennae toppers over the nut. It is currently a white and black cow. The wiper arm is in my garage along with my stock air box, radio and muffler.

My car did not come with DRL's, that is why I wanted to add them. I thought the LED's would be different and decided to pay homeage to a great car company. Audi has done spectacular things in recent years with their R8's in The American Le-Mans Series P1 division and their diesel technology in racing cars.

My car is Aquamarine and the interior is a gray color. The seats broke when I first got the car and so I replaced them with seats out of a 2000 SC2. They are black. I decided to paint the dash red because I want a red interior, the gray gets dirty easy. I am still gonna color the interior red and black with some Aquamarine accents. It's my car, enough said.


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