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Default Re: Wolfman's reverse slam fix with PICTURES!

Originally Posted by The1BigJones View Post
I have a '99 SL1 with 213K miles (still getting 35 mpgs! ). I have this same problem and rough shifting in general. I've had the car for +/- 60K and have never changed the trans fluid based on the warnings of a friend with more auto mech experience than I. He has warned me that changing/flushing the fluid on high mileage cars can often be detrimental. He has said that sometimes its all the crap in the fluid that permits the gears to gain traction and that if you flush it, you'll experience slippage. Any thoughts?
There is some truth to that idea....although the reverse slam on an auto trans in a Saturn is moreso because of a design flaw (in my opinion) on how the trans works through the gears.

From my own experience; auto trans can be very picky in a Saturn. On my 94 SC1 I thought I was going to have to put a new transmission into the car in 2007 (it still has the original with 340K miles on it)...the trans started slipping in the gears; mainly for the fact that I had missed a trans fluid change, literally by about 1000 miles. Changed the fluid; and everything was good.

There's a difference between a fluid "change" and "flush".

Change= Draining old fluid and adding new fluid and filter
Flush= Draining old fluid, and adding a cleaner, running the car, draining fluid out, then adding new fluid and filter.

Flush will definately hurt the car after a number of miles, as "Good Deposits" can build up just as much as "Bad Deposits"....


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