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Default Re: Wolfman's reverse slam fix with PICTURES!

Originally Posted by OldNuc View Post
Need to get the code to tell for sure.
That is the first thing on my priority list. Worst case scenario I do have a spare complete trans in case I need one, but that code should point me into the right direction. Heck, I've already replaced the engine in the car, rewired a hackjob speaker installation by the previous owner, and threw my old alpine cd player in the car. Last weekend I just redid the valve cover gasket, and several weeks ago I replaced a corroded brake line. The car has come a long way since I first traded my Dodge for it. If I can nip this final problem in the but, crossing my fingers, but I should be good for a while. The only other part needing replacement is the power steering pump. Headlight motors don't work but it's something I've placed on the backburner for now.

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