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Default Re: Installing a dash cam


I am using just a standard HD Dash Cam (Genii) for the front. The rear is setup with a tablet and connected with a USB cable, basically a standard webcam setup. I only need it for backing up as the Vue is typically filled to the roof with parts and tools. Also the windows are all limo tinted so visibility is an issue. The tablet is setup on a flexible pole mount with bluetooth keyboard and mouse and USB DVD. Internet access is via Verizon Hotspot. Storage is increased with a 64Gb micro SD card for service manuals. Entire system is used only when parked, obviously. Can't be in traffic playing with it or "bad things" could occur.

My last Vue, 2005 Vue, was killed by a fellow playing on his phone. Dashcam got a good shot of him, head down, as he drove into me.

I am a huge fan of the dashcam and the Genii takes awesome video. 32 Gb cards (max size) can record for long time. I have a bunch of them and swap them out when something interesting occurs. I was out in the desert by El Centro when the Blue Angels flew in vertical formation right across the freeway in front of me. Scared the bejeezus out of me but the dashcam caught it.


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