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The miles were accumulated from driving on I35 in between Dallas and Austin as well as to Sam Houston National Forest and a few areas north of Houston from Dallas. My car has never left Texas. Most of them were the Dallas<->Austin drive. I put so many miles on the car doing that drive I finally just moved here to Austin. I currently do about 1.5k miles/month, but in Texas how could you not? That's just going back and forth to work and seeing friends in and around town.

Amazingly I only crashed one time in that period. She (her) was going thru a parking lot in a black car in the dark (tornado season) without her lights on, going really fast. I nudged her large metal car in the side at about 5 MPH. I had engaged the clutch but had not yet commited to going forward. A few months later my headlight started accumulating moisture. I got a new assembly and put it on myself in five minutes. You should have seen her car... Creased metal across two body panels.

I did mention to her she might look into getting a plastic car since they just bounce when they hit things. HAHA

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