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Default Re: 2.2 ecotec removal top or bottom 05 Vue

For all those reading the various top vs bottom engine removal posts, I just pulled the motor out through the top of a 2006 Vue with the 2.2L Ecotec and automatic transmission. It was a piece of cake.

Tools Needed: jack, jack stands, engine hoist (I have a 2 ton from Horrible Freight), electric impact helps a bunch, various hand tools (1/2 and 3/8 drive metric sockets, wrenches, drain pan(s), creeper, etc.

Basic Process:
Remove hood, remove battery, lift onto jack stands (get front tires about 8 off ground for plenty of room to work under), start draining coolant and oil, remove airbox/ECU/intake manifold, disconnect heater hoses from thermostat area, remove upper and lower radiator hoses, remove accessory belt, remove alternator, remove a/c compressor bolts (dont disconnect a/c lines), remove right front wheel, remove crank pulley, disconnect exhaust pipe from header (leave hanging), remove exhaust header, unbolt upper right engine mount from frame, use jack to lift engine up just enough to put a piece of wood under mount to keep engine raised slightly (this is to provide clearance for getting the oil pan out because of its shape and interference), remove oil pan, remove starter, remove spark plugs (to make turning engine over easier, unbolt torque converter from flywheel (put trans in neutral and spin engine by hand to get all 3 bolts).

Start removing the bell housing bolts. The 2 in the back under the coolant transfer tube are a pain to get to. Good extensions and wobbles are important here. I used a 1/2 drive long ratchet and 6 extension to get them broke loose then used an electric impact to get fully out.

At this point, I connected up the hoist, raised a slight bit, removed the wood block, and lowered back down to find the neutral position and then out just a little preload back on the hoist.

Finish removing the remaining bell housing bolts including the 2 smaller ones that attach the transaxle to the block at the bottom right area.

Have a drain pan under the bell housing to catch atf spilling out of the torque converter.

Start separating the engine from the trans as you hoist up. Keep the torque converter inside the bell housing.

There is more than enough room.

Ill take more photos when I reinstall the engine next week.

If anyone wants to see something specific, please just post your request here.
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