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2008 Astra XR


I've also had the same shaking that you describe happen to me right after I bought my ION. The steering wheel shakes a little and I can feel pulsating in the brake pedal when the brakes are applied quickly at speeds in excess of 50. It exactly matches the sympotms of warped rotors. But I've recently hit the 500 mile mark and haven't noticed it too much since then, so I'm thinking it could just be the "breaking-in" of the new brakes parts.

I've also noticed a slight vibration while just coasting in the 50-70 mph range, maybe a wheel is out of balance and it could be responsible for the braking vibration as well. I'm going to take it in to Saturn sometime next week and have both vibrations checked out.

Other than the slight vibration, my ION has been great for the first 500!

2008 Astra 5-dr XR
black sapphire, manual
leather, sport, sunroof, adv audio
2000 SL1
2003 Ion3


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