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Default Impossible clutch bleed after replacing master cylinder


I have been working on a 2003 Saturn Ion (non turbo) and we replaced a clutch pedal along with master cylinder. We spent hours upon hours trying to get the clutch bled properly and I figured I would share my method in hopes that it will help someone.

BE ABSOLUTELY SURE to keep the fluid reservoir topped up throughout the entire process otherwise you will introduce more air into the system and restart the whole thing.

1. I could not get the master to bench bleed properly so I chose to bleed it in the vehicle. I left the top line connected (the one that feeds from the fluid reservoir to the master), then unhook the bottom line (the one that feeds into the slave cylinder.) so anyways unhook that bottom line then attach a suitable fitting+hose into the hole where the line was and feed the line into a container of brake fluid.

2. Be sure your fluid reservoir is topped up with the cap off.

3. At this point you can have your helper begin to pump the clutch pedalrepeatedly until no more bubbles can be seen.

4. At this point with all the bubbles gone and the pedal pressed in all the way to the floor, you can put the cap on the fluid resevoir(to prevent fluid from running out) and go ahead and remove your hose from the bottom of the master then click the clutch line/hydraulic assembly back in and re attach the clip.

It seemed weird to me the do this with the pedal pressed all the way in, you would think it would be the other way around, but this is the only way I could get it to work.

5. Now you can take the cap back off the fluid reservoir. Get your vacuum pump set up and attach to the bleeder nipple by the bell housing. Pull down about 15” of vacuum.

6. Pull the clip out that holds in the fluid line, then pull out the fluid line just about 1/4” or until you can see the fluid start to flow. Don’t pull the line out too much or you will introduce more air into the system.

7. Pump up your vacuum to about 20” or so, and have your helper push the pedal in all the way and hold it, you should see some air bubbles coming out now.

8. Continue to have your helper pump the pedal 2-3 times then hold the pedal down as air bubbles start to come out. You may have to vacuum all the way to 25-30” if necessary to get all the air out.

9. Once no more air is coming out, with the clutch pedal pressed in all the way, put the fluid line back in all the way, insert the clip, and have your helper let the pedal out. Once the bleeder is closed and clip inserted you can pump the pedal a few times to refill the hydraulic cylinder and get an idea for where you are at with pedal feel.

10. Let the car sit 5-10 min to allow any aerated fluid to settle.

11. Repeat steps 6-10 as many times necessary til you’ve got good pedal feel.

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