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Default Re: Front wheel bearing on 01 SW2

i did both front bearings myself DIY without a press.
it's an easy job.
and no i didn't bang them in and out with a hammer.

i got a loaner hub puller from autozone, pulled the hub off.

then using this tool i had. (that had been collecting dust)
and a pneumatic impact wrench it pressed the old bearing out easily.

i then used the harbor freight kit and pressed the new bearing in, using nothing but a hand wrench and some (light) elbow grease (no pneumatic tools.)
a 6 year old possesses the amount of force needed wrench the bearing in (that easy).
i just made sure the bearing was square and the adapter was pressing on correct race.

simple job really.

it's the same procedure across the board for all s-series.

just a little anecdote:

the only part that sucks is removing the 'c' clip, it's the only tool i didn't have in the garage, but i was successful in improvising with a pair of elongated needle nose pliers.
when i got to the 'c' clip, part of the job, i was like "where are my safety glasses, because i am not gonna lose an eye doing this job?!" (i had some from when i was a saturn team member)
well sure enough i release the 'c' clip and it flies up and into my face and into my left eye.

luckily i had the safety glasses on and they saved the day.
(so i just got a grease mark on my forehead)

so always wear your safety glasses!


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