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Default Re: 2.4 timing chain replacement

Originally Posted by lrbraner View Post
A friend has asked me to help him change the timing chain on his 2008 Aura 2.4. It has 150K on it. Some noise in the chain area, also some metal flakes on the VVT solenoids.
Is there sufficient room to do it with engine in the car ?
We will be replacing the chain guides and tensioner as well.Any helpful advice is appreciated.
This engine is a bored and stroked version of our ECOTOC 2.2L engines. It uses the same timing chain, all three chain guides, crankshaft gear, timing cover gasket, crankshaft front seal, crankshaft damper bolt, and vibration damper (or crankshaft pulley).

In all likelihood this can be done while in the engine bay as it can be done so on the L Series car. However, someone should acquire a good set of instructions for this procedure and study them carefully in advance. (There is a Chilton aftermarket repair manual available for this car. Otherwise, consider using and purchasing a subscription - varying lengths of time are offered.) The job is labor intensive and therefore somewhat time consuming. Don't be in a hurry as haste will not serve anyone well. I had to purchase a crankshaft pulley holder tool so that the crankshaft could be held in place while removing the damper bolt. The damper bolt must be replaced and not reused. (It is a "torque to yield" bolt designed for one installation only. Period. Some members here have reused those bolts, but the factory says otherwise and I'd go with the factory information.) Additionally, I needed to use a 1/2" drive impact wrench (this one was electric) to remove the damper bolt as the torque value is high. Logistically, it also required the use of extensions attached from the socket to the wrench due to the frame's obstruction and the size of the wrench itself. Be sure to have a 1/2" and 3/8" torque ratchet on hand for reassembly.

Please don't take anything for granted when approaching this job. It was very helpful and necessary for me to study the procedure since I'd never worked on a DOHC timing system before. That having been said: if I can do it then I believe that other intelligent members here in SaturnFans can also do it.
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