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Thumbs Up Re: GM L81 3.0L V6 Engine Support Bar (Where to Acquire Compatible Alternative to GM?

Originally Posted by 02 LW300 View Post
No, I’ve had it thirty years or so. It will only be in the way if you are taking the heads off your engine. Put a floor jack with a block of wood to protect the oil pan when you remove the engine mount near the belt. That way you can raise and lower the engine for access to various bolts.
02 LW300,

Oh okay! Yes! That's what I was doing when I replaced the alternator, serp belt and drive belt. (I am also guessing that's how I got my oil leak on the oil pan gasket). Which is why I will take the recommendation and replace that last; once all the engine repairs are finished.

I guess my question is; the FSM and the ALLDATA assumes the car is on a HOIST; therefore it says the engine support bar is needed for say "Water Pump Replacement". Is this because the car is on the hoist?

So regarding:

~ Timing Belt Replacement + Water Pump Replacement
~ GM L81 Engine Overhaul

No engine support bar needed when using a hydraulic jack and the block of wood? I thought there was a separate engine mount other than the passenger side one by the drive belt.

Could this be the reason why my FSM says I need an engine support bar to achieve a engine head gasket replacement?

Quite confused :P


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