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2007 VUE 3.5L
Default Re: P0341 Camshaft position sensor

Yes the cam position sensor can be taken out without removing the timing belt. Its 1 baby turn at a time with a slim and stubby 10MM (I think), its located on the back side of the timing cover front bank. Research shows this is almost never bad and this was not my problem either. Save your wrists and check the timing marks through the inspection holes 1st to rule out slipped timing/ broken belt. The rear bank timing slipped out 180 DEG damaging all the valves on that bank. You could shine a light through the sides of the valves while installed.

I have had a ton of trouble with the Dayco timing tensioners, DONT USE THEM. This is my second Dayco failure of the tensioner. Used the timing kit from Autozone because of the lifetime warranty, big mistake. Got a new Gates tensioner, E-bay head, had the new e-bay head rebuilt and checked the front bank head that was found to be good, both resurfaced, gates head gaskets, new head bolts if you have star bolts, water pump, timing belt, adjusted valves.

It has been running fine now for almost a year

Its not too bad of a job if you find yourself with a broken/ slipped timing belt and damaged heads.

I will post again if the wife finds a way to break this one.
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