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Default Re: Anther Vue No Crank Question

Originally Posted by Core-Lokt View Post
I've tried a search, but it brings up a lot of threads on other Saturn models (oler and newer), so IDK how much is applicable. I'll give the details of my situation in the hope somebody can help narrow it down.

About two weeks ago, I go to a store. Getting back, my Vue won't crank. No real click other than maybe the sound of a relay opening. I roll-start it, and drive back home. Now, I try to crank it, and it's the same. It seems to go through the normal cycling of dash lights and no CEL constantly illuminated.

Other than that, there is only one thing I can think of to mention, and it's about the key. When I bought this Vue used, it had only one key. I locked the doors with the switch and found I couldn't insert the key into the door lock. I had a locksmith come out, and he got it open. He duplicated the key for a spare and it wouldn't unlock the doors, either. He thought the ignition might've been replaced.

Roughly around the same time the Vue wouldn't start, I found you could pull the key from the switch when it was running. Maybe that is the right key for everything, but the ignition switch or key is so worn that the key won't insert into the door lock? I would've thought it would at least insert, but perhaps to turn the lock.

So, is there anything with the ignition switch that might be the issue? There doesn't seem to be anything like a chip embedded in the key's plastic; the key the locksmith made was plain metal. It won't start the Vue either, since the no-crank episode.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Not sure what the exact problem is, but insofar as the key is concerned, you can go to a Chevrolet dealership with your vehicle's title and have them cut new keys for you based on the VIN number. My key was so worn out I had issues turning the ignition and almost was left stranded. Had a new key cut for $30 and resolved the problem.
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