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Default Re: Good article about Dex-Cool

i think a lot lf the dex-cool problems come from the fact that people might mix coolant types, or they don't change it in a timely fashion. maybe gm should have not made it sound so indesctuctable with it's extended maintenance schedule. they should have changed the maintenance a little sooner whioch would have helped. i seen how dirty my sister's dex was in her 2000 montecarlo. i just changed it this summer! it was like mud! if it's properly changed it will be ok. a lot of people are afraid of it, but as long as my car calls out for it i will use it. this way if my car does suffer expensive damage from it's useage they can't say it was caused by the fact that i used something that was not recommended to use by the manufacturer while i get a lawsuit ready to roll.

car manufacturers spend money to have their cars engineered to use specific products which i always obey to avoid future trouble...


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