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Default Re: Saturn Vue Rust repair

I just went through this myself. Called dozens of welders and body shops, nobody would touch it due to liability. Thought I was hosed and would be scrapping a Vue with only 70k on the clock.Finally found a shop willing to do it, but they wouldn't just fabricate something. Got a whole new donor front unibody sub frame section, zinc coated it, and welded it in. It's better than new and roll never rust out again. Cost me $1,800 and he had my wife's Vue for 2.5 weeks.

Your best bet is either going to be finding a friend able to weld in some square tubing, or do it yourself. Not what you want to hear I'm sure, but there's almost certainly not going to be an affordable or easy solution here. The previous owner of mine had boxed them in with 3 plates welded in but it worked terribly and was not safe.
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