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Default Re: Key out, brake pedal turns fog and other lights on?

Originally Posted by higleyjp View Post
I just replaced the bulbs in my '98 SL for the same reason. Previous owner had replaced the 2057 with the 1156. Just bought the car last week and I couldn't figure out why all the dash lights were coming on every time I stopped. I didn't realize you could put it in backwards, I'll have to check them tomorrow morning before I head off to the beach.
I had time to look at my owner's manual. The 1156 bulb is a blinker bulb. Now I remember. The first time I tried to replace the brake light it was dark in Advance Auto parking lot. I underestimated changing the bulb and did not notice the pins were offset. With enough force it will go in backwards. Trying to figure out what happened I took out the blinker bulb and broke it in the socket. Went to Napa, got a replacement pack of 1156 bulbs plus a pack of 2057's for the brake light. Too bad I could not remember that. The tell tail sign the brake light bulb is in backwards is it is harder to insert and brighter then it should be. With good lighting you can see the grove that is lower in the socket and line it up with the low pin on the bulb. I just did not know to look until it was too late. Now I feel better knowing I am not the first to have this problem.

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