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Default Re: Key out, brake pedal turns fog and other lights on?

Originally Posted by OldNuc View Post
If you got the bulb in backwards once there is a possibility you did it again. With the key off, turn on the parking lights and look at both tail lights, are they the exact same brightness. They should be. If not the bulb is in backwards.
It was the wrong bulb. Put two new 2057 bulbs in, aligning the pins. Seems to have the same brightness and all the quirky stuff is gone. I have dibs on the patent for this modification. Reminds me of the time I installed the transmission modulator on the carb of my 69 Fairlane. Made some transmission techs very happy. I tend to be very grateful for this forum, since this is more the rule for me, not the exception. Thanks!

One last question. Do you think I damaged anything, or would I have just taken out a fuse first?

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