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1999 SL2
Dizzy Key out, brake pedal turns fog and other lights on?

I have a mystery to solve. Was in a parking lot with my client when someone said my left brake light was out. I was pulled over in the past for a brake light being out, so decided to change it right there. I was somewhat prepared, since I replaced it not too long ago (putting it in backwards). Amazing what a lot of elbow grease and dyslexia can get you. Anyway, I figured the bulb was in backwards, turned it around, and was on my merry way. This time I had an assistant to pump the brake pedal. Only thing when I inserted the new bulb he pushed the brake pedal. The bulb seemed to go in right. No resistance and bulb was not super bright like the time I put in backwards. However, later when I got out of my car something peculiar happened. I removed the key and my dinger would go off until I put my foot on the brake pedal. Now, with key out pressing the brake pedal my dinger goes off when it was silent, my dash lights go on, my daytime running lights and fog lights come on (even with the emergency brake on). Before coming home it was getting dark. When turning my lights on my high mounted middle brake light was on. Not sure if that is the way it is supposed to work? Also, when I push the brake pedal the dash lights become brighter. This will be the holiday puzzler for you guys and gals. Thanks in advance.

It is a 99 SL2 with 135,00 miles and a loose nut behind the wheel.

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