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Default Re: SL2 Water Pump Replacement w/PICS

As a new Saturn owner, I must say this is a wonderful DIY write up. I registered here just so I could tell you good job, but I will add to it as well.
  1. All of the water pump and pulley bolts are the same size, no need to keep them organized.
  2. The pulley can be loosened with the belt off. In the side of the pulley between two of the bolts is a hole you can stick a punch, drift, drill bit, or screwdriver in to stop the pulley from moving when you are breaking the bolts loose or tightening them with a 10mm wrench. This hole is easy to see through the wheel well.
  3. I used a 1/4" ratchet and a deep well 10mm socket to get at all of the bolts, all from the bottom except for the top two.
  4. The block bleeds air through the hose coming out of the throttle body, going into the coolant tank. If this hose has an internal blockage, it will not bleed the air out of the block and it WILL OVERHEAT(ask me how I know). If at some point in time, some one put stop leak in the cooling system, pull this hose from the coolant tank and blow down it. If there is no restriction, then you are good to go, if there is, clean it out...your sanity will thank you.


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