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Default Re: SL2 Water Pump Replacement w/PICS

Originally Posted by decko View Post
nice tutorial but I cannot resist on commenting on "I prefer to mix it with distilled water in a clean bucket to get the mix perfect." Its a freaking pos Saturn not a Maserati. Not to mention it doesn't make a difference. I ran mine for a month with straight water cause it was a slow leak I did not want to fix it. The car will fall apart before you have to worry the proper mix
I can't resist to rely as well.
Yea, your right.
Saturns are a POS. (sarcasm)
That's why they go 200,000 miles easy.(Properly Maintained)
Also have one at 290,00 miles.
Not many other cars can do that.
If you neglect a vehicle & it breaks down, it gets labeled a POS because of not taking care of it.

Why not run the saturn on straight water and no oil, then complain when it breaks down & label it a POS because it wasn't properly maintained.

My two children both drives saturns & call them a POS as well.
Only adding oil when the oil light comes on & adding coolant when the low coolant light comes on. This type of thinking is what gives the saturn a bad reputation.

Find a vehicle made today that runs on gas only, new off the lot that will get 45-48 Mpg.
Better yet, try to find a used vehicle that can get that kind of efficiency.
They are out there, but not many

Any vehicle properly taken care of will last a long time.

1997 Saturn SL2 144,000 Miles
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