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Default Re: Welcome ImSaturn Members

This is also a great site for all the IM Saturn twits to realize what garbage Saturn really is. You all thought your Aura'a where state of the art and different when in fact you are all driving Chevy Malibu's.

Saturn Aura was intruduced as a 2007 model. The corresponding Malibu was not until 2008.

By the way, your Astra's are Opels. LMAO.

GM has owned Opel since 1929. Sharing of platforms within a corporation is rather common. What's your point?

To bad IM Saturn is gone, I really loved reading all the stupid, uneducated and moronic comments people left. This site won't be as fun, but all I can say if you want to see what is wrong with your Saturn this is the site to be on.

Stupid, uneducated, and denoting plurality with an apostrophe and an s? And I assume, from your sidebar details, that you drive, insure, and fill with gas one of these "garbage" vehicles, when at any time you could sell it and drive whatever you consider to be a better brand. Between your poor grammar and your failure to prove yourself any better than the "twits" you condemn by continuing to own and operate said garbage, cannot say you have made an impression as one to be rightfully casting any dispersions.

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