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Default Re: What Saturn model gets the best MPG?

Originally Posted by Waiex191 View Post
When my second kid was born my wife could not get them both to nap. So, she instituted the nap drive. Chuck them in the back of the Saturn, drive around country roads at 40-45, and would consistently pull down 42 MPG in our SL2.

I accidentally broke the windshield while working in the garage one night. Dropped a piece of conduit just the wrong way. We traded cars for a day so I could get it fixed. At the time I was driving a 1991 Ford exploder with a 5 speed that got 20 mpg. I never got it back from her. That was a costly mistake gas wise.
The way you spelled the name of that Ford SUV model was definitely NOT a mistake.

"What does a Saturn owner do, at the gas station?"

"He checks the gas, and fills the oil....."


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