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Default Re: Just got my Outlook--LOVE it!!!

Originally Posted by beach109 View Post
Sounds terrific! I'm still infatuated by the whole Lambda line, and especially the Outlook after driving a beautiful XR last week, but am so far unsuccessful at getting my mother to do more than just look at one. She drives an '04 Suburban, and the reasons are obvious as far as room, and finally expressed interest in some of these after seeing a few--just not enough so to warrant wanting to start over again with another new payment, for less room overall and not big enough of a gas mileage increase.

On that note, anymore specifics on the comparison of gas sucking of your Expedition vs. the Outlook? I know it's still brand new, but that's of course one of the biggest driving issues right now.
I will update on the Outlook's gas mileage at a later date.
My Expedition got around 12 MPG in the city & 16-17 on the highway w/ the AC blowing.

Ultimately, I grew tired of the breakdowns and general unreliability of the Expedition. When I go on vacation, I want to DRIVE to my ultimate destination--not be TOWED there.


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