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Default Re: 98 SC-2 DOHC Cylinder Head Replacement

Originally Posted by denniswpb View Post
I guess the only concern I have is do I have to remove the timing chain cover? Why can't I zip-tie the chains to the cam shaft sprocket, remove the bolts that hold the cam shaft sprockets on the cam shaft and take the head off? Any thoughts??
And watch while the camshaft sprockets drop down the timing chain cover? There's nothing holding them up once you take them off the cams. You have to maintain constant tension on the chain to keep the tensioner from coming all the way out. The tensioner ratchets. It won't go back in on it's own once it's out. I've seen some interesting improvised methods that will allow you to change a camshaft without removing the cover but not for a head. You'll be able to get the head off with the cover on but, you're not going to be able to get everything back together without taking off the cover.

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