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Default Saturn Vue Water Leak (My issue, and fix)

I'm sharing this in the hopes to help someone else before they pull out all their hair like I almost did. I don't know if this is something that just pertained to my vehicle or if it's causing anyone else issues. (Long read, skip to the bottom if you want to know what the real problem was)

I first came across my issue after a strong set of storms rolled in over the course of a couple days. After the rain I went to get in my Vue to go to the store and noticed I had standing water in all 4 floor boards. I looked over the vehicle and noticed a little water was getting by the door seals on the drivers side back passenger door. I couldn't see this much water getting past the seals but it was the only proof I could find at the time. I went ahead and repaired this door seal at this time. I vacuumed up all the water and let the vehicle dry out.

Forward about two weeks later to the next heavy rains and I had water standing in the floor boards again. This time I pulled the seats, console and carpets and dried everything up again. I took the water house and soaked down the windshield and the door seals. (At this time I was thinking it was the windshield or the outside fresh air stopped up and leaking) I didn't see any signs of water leaking in. I decided to put the front seats back in the vehicle so I could still drive it without putting the carpet or back seats back in. I drove the vehicle to work the next week because I knew it was suppose to rain and I could periodically go out and check for leaks. After a good afternoon rain I went out to check and sure enough there was some water in the floor boards, but then I noticed where the back seats latched I had water standing in both of the latch holes. There is no way for water to get in these holes from the door seals or from the windshield area so this got me to thinking the hatch lid was leaking.
That evening I pulled everything out of the back hatch area, (spare tire covers, spare tire, Styrofoam padding and coverings. I closed the back hatch and started running water over the back hatch. I then opened the back hatch and immediately noticed I had water trickling in on the drivers side back corner by the tail light area.

After running water over the tail light I could see water coming in through the pressure vent that is behind the rear bumper cover. I ordered the Pressure Valve from, part number GM 22702778 at the time it was $38.47. I installed the part after I got it in and re-preformed my test of running water over the tail light area. I now have no water leaking into my Vue. Cheap fix for a part that caused me so many issues.

Now that my interior is all pulled out I guess this is a good time to add some sound deadening, new carpet padding and might as well put in a new carpet.

I hope that this helps someone else with a water leak. By the way, No I don't have a sunroof....


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