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Default Re: Head bolt kit?

Thank you all for the information. I bought this car a year ago for a DD, and have been wanting to fix the oil consumption problem, but no one could ever tell me what you just did. they always say, either, "oh, its just a saturn thing", or "either your cylinders are rounding out, or your valve seals are bad." Never knew of the pistons haveing no oil return holes. So thanks for the very helpful info. I've already purchased the top end rebuild kit, so I guess now i have to ask if i can purchase the bottom rebuild kit from one of those stores listed above, or if I'd have to get those off line, and if so, where, cause i cant find the bottom rebuild kit.

Did some thinking after driving in a little snow/ice today, and I suppose its worth the rebuild just so i can store my truck for the winter. Plus the saturn runs like a champ. Just wont pass emissions.


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