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Default Re: Flashback Friday: MotorWeek 1992 Small Coupe Comparison Test

Good Lord, must be some young ones in here. Yes, "passive restraints" are what the door mounted or motorized belts were called. So were airbags, but they were still too expenisive, so manufacturers used these wacky belt designs. Yes, they were a pain, but they were a solution to a government regualtion that would increase the cost of economy cars by too much. Put a $1000 airbag on a luxury car, and no big deal. Put it on $8000 - $12000 econoboxes, and people get priced out of the market. As airbag prices came down and availability increased, these wacky belts disappeared.
A friend in high scholl bought a Subaru that had these motorized belts back in 1984. I thought they were CRAZY fun.


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