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Default Re: Manual to power steering swap? JY SC2 suspension? Straightforward?

Originally Posted by fetchitfido View Post
SL default option was a manual steering rack.
SL1/SC1/SW1/SWP only option was power steering with no "off" setting. 0mph or have FULL power assist 100% of the time...
SC/SC2/SL2/SW2 only option was power steering with assist being turned off at 55mph.

Parts list:
  • Power steering rack (never noticed less lock->lock turns in any of my SC's)
  • Power steering pump
  • U-Joint from the rack to the column (column side doesn't change, rack side does so keep the u-joints on each rack)
  • Serpentine belt (PS belt is longer...)
  • Pump mounting bracket(s) and various hardware (DOHC pumps have an 'off' option as well as more required brackets).
  • PS hose's (one is a low pressure return line, other is high pressure)

Once you have the parts it's as simple as unbolting the old stuff and bolting in the new. Try to get the parts car steering centered before removing as well as your car. Also, after removing the rack from your car set it along side the 'new' rack and adjust the TRE's on the 'new' rack to match the length from the main body of the 'old' rack to the 'bolt' on the TRE's.
That's great info Fetchit, thank you!! I definitely want the 'variable' assist version. This leaves me with even more questions:

My greatest concern was are all the ps pump brackets the same for the DOHC that I'll pull the parts from vs my SOHC, AND, since you said one version cuts off assist at 55 mph; there's obviously a speed sensor that gets its info from the OBDII right? Will my strippy '98 SL1 have that open plug in my wiring harness so that I can use it? Are all wiring harnesses the same? Maybe the SL1's ecm was never designed for variable assist ps ?

I've read that the manual steering rack has an approx 18:1 ratio. There's also a ps rack that has an 18:1 ratio and a ps rack with a 16:1 ratio. It'd be a good guess that the version with variable assist is the 16:1, but how do I identify that? Not like I can stop by the Saturn parts counter and ask the guy to look it up ?

Clearly there's gotta be some wiring harness attachment AND some kind of clutch or solenoid that bypasses belt assist or ps fluid at 55 right? I looked on Rock Auto but found no differentiation between those supposed options.


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