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Default Re: Paging Al Clapsaddle: Huge Incentives Help Build the Case for One Last Saturn Pur

I just checked e-Bay through my account. There have not been any clear-titles non-salvage branded titled Auras of any year (let alone a 2009 with 18K miles) sold for under $11,821 (2008 with 49,525 miles) in the last 30 days. Even Salvage titled or accident repaired Auras do not sell for $8,500. If the final bid on e-Bay is not highlighted in Green (and remains Red), it did not meet reserve and actually sell. If you have proof otherwise, please post the e-Bay link for us to see.

In our area of the midwest, Saturns are holding their values just fine, thank you. I will admit that the deals in our area are not that great. The extent of the current offers is GM Supplier discount (about $1000) plus the $5000 Saturn Loyalist rebate for a total of about $6000 off sticker. This is not much better than I received on my 2008 Aura purchased within the model year in May 2008, when I received about $3,500 off sticker. Considering that the units on the Saturn lots are a model year old and orphans, I would expect a better deal if I were in the market.

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