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2004 VUE Red Line
Default Re: Paging Al Clapsaddle: Huge Incentives Help Build the Case for One Last Saturn Pur

It sounds like a good deal at first, until you factor in a few things. Firstly, it's *at most* a $6500 rebate. If you're looking at a higher priced, slow selling vehicle, that's really not a whole lot. I mean, for a lot of vehicles over $30k, that's the normal rebate. And there's more, that $4000 rebate is not available with 0% financing. On the Pontiac G8, they were throwing about 7k on the car WITH 0% financing.

I guess it depends what you want though, it's certainly a pretty decent deal if you're buying a very cheap car, but if you're looking at a more expensive model, it's the "Deal of the Century"*

*Note deal of the Century does not imply that this deal is a good deal, or better than any other deal at any other time. It is simply a name.

That doesn't even begin to factor in the incredibly dismal residual value the vehicles will have. Or that they already do have.

But really, you have a *paid for* Vue Redline, why would you want to pay to own a lesser vehicle?
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