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2008 Astra XR
2007 RELAY-2
Default Re: Astra roll call!

Originally Posted by Cap138 View Post
  • What Astra model do you own/what options?
  • Any aftermarket add-ons or modifications?
  • How long have you owned/how many miles or km so far?
  • Have you owned other Saturns?
  • Any interesting/funny Astra stories?
  • And a little bit about yourself…
*Astra 5 door XR, stock no leather or sunroof.
*not yet.....
*670KMS - owned it a week today....
*2005 Saturn Relay (destroyed it), 2007 Saturn Relay - still kicking.
*I am older (almost 40) and not cool - the young kids love the car....I haven't seen on in my town.
*I am an Investigator for the Federal Gov (Canada), I am married and have 3 kids - 2 in car seats.

*one add on story - really wishing we got the sunroof.


2008 - Saturn Astra XR
2007 - Saturn Relay
R.I.P - 2005 - Saturn Relay (It died a brutal death)


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