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Default Re: Swapping the VT25E for the 4T45E transmission!

Hi Jimmie,

I'm guessing I'm confused by terminology being used.

4T45E Module (do you mean the TCM??)

I don't have 52 pins on the TCM I have, I don't have a plug on the transmission with 52 or more pins.

The ONLY keyword data I have right now (regardless of where it came from originally) is coming from the gray block that connects to the fuse block.

None of the connectors on the transmission (which I have all the diagrams) describe at all a keyword data pin.

Thanks for the information on the Vue's TCM (about Pin 1/2 and 10/11) though it doesn't help as to which one on my TCM goes to the ECU (6/7 or 37/38). I went though 8 u-pull-it salvage yards to find just the TCM and connector. I have found Saturn Ions but for some reason everything was gone. The one I got the connectors from (which were all CUT from the main harness) had it's engine missing and the wire harness was all cut off. I just got the pig-tails for each connector.

I went though 3 cities to find it. Amazing, maybe now there are some, but if I can just find out it might save more time, it's the only thing I'm missing. All the information I got on the Ion doesn't show a keyword data line at all. Not disputing it's purpose just wonder why I don't have it.

Though most of what you said would mean to me that it won't shift which is maybe what the problem is for Redlinewannabe, he's got his running but not shifting. I hadn't gotten to his point to even discover that lovely problem yet since it won't stay running beyond a second. So most of what you said at least it should turn on.

I will check the fuses again, I can send you the diagram I got from a fellow here on the forum which seem to match everything I got too btw. I'm guessing you got some other year/model TCM and hence why these pins you point out just don't match anything I have.



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