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Default Re: Swapping the VT25E for the 4T45E transmission!

Won't work without swapping the ECM . Reason for it is because, LAN lines are highspeed, the ECM in the saturn is only CAN. If you get the TCM for the 4t45 transmission, then the module for the 4t45 only have keyword serial data pin 52 and CAN. Go to autozone, create an account, then click on repair help, 2005 Saturn Ion, wire diagrams. It has every pinout you'll need.
Pins 1 and 22 on the ECU is the LAN Lines connected to pins 25 and 26 of the TCM. Pins 13 and 19 comes from the ECU, bypass the ABS and into the BCM. You will have to fill me in on from what vehicles do you have 1) TCM, ECU and BCM. The transmission type 4t45 or what in order for me to walk you through this. That includes the Starting system.


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