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Default Re: Swapping the VT25E for the 4T45E transmission!

Originally Posted by dark7622 View Post
HI Readline,

On the accessory power wire, I simply don't have it hooked up at all since I didn't have a wire to mate it with.

The pink wire in question is an ign wire and it's coming from the block (fuse block).

Someone could make some money selling the TCM and wire harness already done for this conversion LOL.
I found the ACC1 wire in the harness going to the BCM and spliced into it.

Pink wire-What connector and what location is it coming from? I can probably help you figure it out. I had a leftover pink in connector 2/position B10. That was what I used for the yellow wire from the trans that did not match up. Where did you put the yellow wire?

I agree on the kit thing. There are so many of these things on Craigslist it isn't funny. I originally measured up for the supercharged 3.8 out of my Bonneville, and the Bonneville wheeltrack is 4" narrower, and there is 4" more between the shock towers! I'd rather spend time on my classic 60's cars if I had the choice. I just want to finish this and move on and work on something else! I haven't had time to research lately, work will slow down after summer, then I can devote some time to it.


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