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Default Dangerous Vue !! Unexpected power steering loss

Hello everyone !!! This is my first time every posting so hang in there
Saturn should recall these vehicles before they KILL someone from power steering loss ! My wife has an 07 Vue Awd 3.5 liter with 100k on it. THIS THING IS A DEATHTRAP and i don't want her in it. She lost power steering in it with grandchildren in it and dam near got her killed !!
I've been a mechanic for 30 years and I've never seen any thing like this
And hoping someone has seen this before.
When weather damp and under 42 degrees when started the vehicle will have start and run fine at some point when you move steering wheel ( or load electrical system)
Then all of the interior lights flash like a disco in the 70s , it starts surging, power steering is lost, no power locks. And a few other symptoms.
It's really dangerous In winter. At times my wife leave the house and 5-10 seconds afterwards the power steering is gone. She is small and can't turn it fast enough to avoid an accident. So it stays parked !
What I have found is unplug the alternator while it's running and plug it back in and problem disappears !!! If you let it idle for 2-3 minutes it will cure itself also
Voltage was going to 18.6 at idle. We have already ran all new grounds to Bcm
And checked all others and replaced Bcm and I have even put 2 different alternators. I hear that gm is replacing wiring harness. That seems unnessesary because they can be repaired. Has anyone out there seen this before and found a cure short of trading it off. Lol. Thanks Guys
I've seen a lot of crazy stuff through the years but this tops it.
I have been all over it and so have several gm techs and hate to start throwing g parts at it. Just hoping someone out there has figured these out. Thanks again


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