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2002 SC1
Default New guy with an '02 SC1

Good evening all. I just purchased a 2002 Saturn SC1 this evening.

Little background first...

Though I have always respected the Saturn, I have never desired one. Never thought of ever owning one, never figured I'd ever like them. About four years ago, I drove my friend's wife's 1997 Saturn SL2 for a day, and while I felt claustrophobic in the car, I had a bit of a liking to the car, but again, I never thought I could own one.

Well, after driving a Crown Victoria for the past four years and spending on average $300 a month on gas, I gave that car to my parents where it will just stay local, and sold one of my two motorcycles to purchase a more fuel efficient car before Fall came. After I sold the bike (last week), I went looking for a 4-cyl car. The cars I found either had very high mileage, the car was a rust bucket, or the seller was jerking me around to the point where I wouldn't take the car if they gave it to me for free.

A guy that lives less than a mile from me listed his 2002 SC1 on Craigslist, and he was selling it for what I sold the bike for. I went to check it out, and was a bit more impressed with it than the SL2, mainly because I didn't feel so claustrophobic in the car. Maybe it's because of the larger door/windows, or maybe the 2002 has more leg room than the '97. I don't know, but I told the guy I would think about it. After more jerking around from other car sellers, I decided I would settle on his car.

So at 7:30 this evening, I became the owner of a 2002 Saturn SC1 with 110k miles (higher than I would care for, but I know Saturn has a great rep for going over 200K easily) for $2500. Not sure if that's a god deal or not, but compared to what I've seen around, it was good enough for me.

So, I hope this car will grow on me, and I hope to learn more about this car, as well as add my two cents where possible.

Thanks all,


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