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2009 VUE 3.6L
Default Re: Owner Story: Vacationing with the Vue and a RV Trailer

Originally Posted by rossao1 View Post
This seems so familiar to me.
I have camper envy. WTG leogag1. Perhapse, we will see you at yellowstone next summer. Or maybe the grand canyon, or Mt. Rushmore. or...
My father just went there this year! (Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore). He made a 68 days trip from Matane, Quebec to Jasper, Alberta. He did the first half by the USA side (Chicago, Yellowstone, etc.) and came back by the Canadian side. He has a 2008 F-150, 5.4L V8 and a 24 ft fifth-wheel camper. Not sure my little VUE would be the best vehicle for climbing that high...! As I said, there are trade-offs when towing with smaller vehicles!

By the way, I am not used with the acronyms you use (IMO means "in my opinion" I suppose and IIRC is "if I recall correctly", right?) But WTG, what does it mean? I know WTF... hope it's not the same!

OK, just found out... "way to go" !

I wish you gool luck for your job! I wouldn't have changed my VUE if the huge 6500$ rebate wasn't there...! (I paid my VUE almost the same price as a Corolla LE...!)

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