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More info.
The fuel pump relay circuit is the one that's clicking. The door locks were restored by warming the car up, so we're keeping it heated in the garage.
As for the valet switch failing, why would that be? It worked last time for about a year and failed recently. We did find the alarm box, it's a Sidewinder. Could we just cut the whole thing out?
New note: Her car no longer turns over, just uselessly clicks in the engine block. Then the fuel pump circuit will start to click at about 2.5 or so clicks a second. I pulled it out and put it back in, it keeps clicking. Is this a starter issue? I see the other thread recommends a flooded start, but that alarm light is flashing constantly (7 times, then around a two-second break) and that worries me. The alarm noise isn't going off, though, mostly because that mechanism failed some time ago.

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