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2004 VUE 3.5L
Dizzy 2004 vue 3.5L v6

I bought a 2004 Saturn Vue with the 3.5 Honda v6. The previous owner said that it had a misfire and would need to have the plugs and coils replaced. She even had the diagnostic print to go with it. I noticed it was running ruff due to the misfire, but other than that it was a smooth ride, and the automatic trans was smooth as well. On my way home with the vue I noticed a shudder around 40mph-60+mph felt like the care was going to fall apart at higher speeds. I passed it off on the misfire. I changed the plugs and coils and noticed it was a way smother idle and ride, and no shudder. I did notice one of the spark plug tube seals were leaking around the #1 cylinder. Not even 8 hours after changing the plugs and coils it was missing again. I changed the tube seals and valve cover gaskets as well. It ran fine for about 3 days then the shudder came back. The check engine light will flash when it shudders. I let off the gas peddle and it stops. I ease back into the gas and it starts again. This seems to be an intermittent issue at the moment. Sometimes it won't happen at all. I noticed the cel flashes when the studdering is happening. Any ideas where to start? It is FWD.


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