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Default Re: Video: Third of Three New Saturn Commercials Focuses on Fuel Efficiency

Originally Posted by spork View Post
I think maybe another reason Saturn is having problems, beside the obvious, is that they have been pushing these "fake" "starter motor" hybrids. I think most people see them for what they are. I suppose if you had been driving something that got 20mpg or less and then went to one of the fake hybrids that gets slightly more than 30mpg, that might seem like magic. The problem is, my 2000 L averages 32mpg. If Saturn had built a real hybrid, like the Prius or Civic, then we'd be talking 40+mpg. In the case of hybrids, you get what you pay for.
Hopefully Saturn will one day return to the 30-40mpg efficiency that the S-Series had. Mild hybrids are a viable alternative to full hybrids although over-priced IMO and not worth it when there is a 33mpg 4cyl Aura for thousands less. As you point out, the old Ecotec was very efficient.

As GM adds on more and more safety feature weight, they have been losing mpg ratings. Batteries are another issue why everyone isn't driving a Prius or Civis hybrid , but it looks from what I have read that advancements are being made in lithium-ion technology.

Sigh* at least Saturn has a nice looking commercial, I am greatful for that.

Saturn lives on.

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