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Default Re: 2005 L300 crank but no start

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
Personally, I can state a faulty crank sensor will prevent; fuel pump operation during starting, spark and injector pulses. A very good method for troubleshooting would be spraying starting fluid into the throttle. It's difficult to perform a spark test on our V6 engines and some info can be learned by depressing the fuel test valve on the fuel rail over the engine. The fuel pump will run for two seconds at ignition ON time, enough to generate pressure to spray fuel from the test valve. If you have fuel spray from the test valve pump is working. However, this doesn't tell anyone if injectors operating. Other cars can verify injector or spark operation by removing spark plugs and checking for fuel after several failed starting attempts when fuel is injected at every startup. A lack of fuel and spark points to a faulty crank sensor (next to the oil filter housing). Spraying starting fluid into your engine should result in starting up under normal circumstances. Be sure to check for blown fuses.
Just an update for all.. Replaced fuel pump, and filter, also changed out plugs, coolant temp sensor and cleaned mass air flow sensor. Car runs good. But 2 times in the last 1,000 miles the fuel pump does not kick on with the key and I do not understand why so any insite on that would be great. I did notice the small metal line going up towards the fuel cap(breather?) was pretty rusty. I'm not sure if that would cause this issues once in a while?


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